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Three-Year Course of Study

There are three separate 15-week semesters of study each year for three consecutive years. Thus, a total of nine different semesters forms a complete course of study. There are six hours of classes, five days a week.

Thus, these students spend 3690 hours in class before they receive a certificate.

3 semesters per year
X 15 weeks per semester = 45 weeks
X 5 days every week = 225 days
- 20 holidays each year = 205 days
X 6 hours per day = 1230 hours
X 3 years
= 3690 hours

The schedule is repeated every three years. New students are allowed to enroll at the beginning of a new semester and must complete a full cycle before they can graduate.

Here are all classes taught in the three-year cycle, using 2008, 2009 and 2010 as an example.

Three-year course of study

Here is a typical semester schedule.

Spring Schedule 2016