Chennai Teacher Training School - Why Attend?



  1. Chennai Teacher Training School puts its total emphasis on biblical studies. Students here have classes for 6 hours per day, five days a week.
  2. Each year, our curriculum for all three levels includes a minimum of 18 classes per day in both Telegu and Tamil languages for three semesters.
  3. We cover literally every verse in the entire Bible in 3 years. The price of tuition for training at CTTS is unbeatable. In fact it is free.
  4. Third year students are given field-training with a seasoned preacher for half a day, every day of the week during the final semester before graduation.
  5. Our faculty is sound in the faith, experienced in establishing local congregations, and willing and able to train students in every aspect of the work.
  6. We have been in operation since James A. Johnson and J. C. Bailey established the school in 1965. The school was upgraded to a three-year program in 1985.
  7. Many of the newer schools being established in India have teachers and/or administrators who graduated here at CTTS.
  8. Students are housed on the campus and have continual fellowship and opportunities to serve in a Christian atmosphere.
  9. Students at CTTS do not hold outside jobs while attending school, because they must put their complete attention toward studying.
  10. Many times in our travels we meet zealous, dedicated preachers and teachers who have graduated from CTTS.